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“What can I say, when I met Mike and Andrea Oyster for the first time 10 years ago, I knew they were honest, dependable and quality people that had pride and compassion in their business, and it has been proven to us year after year. Oyster Paving is an awesome company, and truly a friendly experience. I would recommend Oyster for all your asphalt needs.”

Pete Prosser
Loral Investments

“At Aqua Ohio, when it comes to asphalt restoration after a water line repair, we’re concerned about our reputation among our customers and the public officials that represent them. We’ve trusted Oyster Pavement repair for over 15 years, and I can sum up our experience with them in one word, “confidence.”

When we contract with them for asphalt work, I’m confident we are paying a fair price, confident the work will be done on time and on schedule and confident that the community will barely know we cut into the street.

We regularly have to cut into roadways to repair water mains. When we use Oyster Pavement  for roadway restoration, we have never had a complaint, in fact local officials have complimented us on the quality of the repairs.”

Scott J. Ballenger
Area Manager, Marion/Tiffin Division
Aqua Ohio, Inc.

“We a have worked with Mike Oyster and his team at Oyster Pavement  Maintenance for over five years, they are an outstanding paving  contractor. They are great at paving driveways, parking lots and  roadways but they excel and set themselves apart from the competition,  with the specialty paving that the can do. They have multiple sized  pavers, special dump trucks for hauling asphalt, a road widener and  infrared equipment to produce some of the highest quality work in the  business. With the level of thought and time Mike puts into each  project, Bachtel Excavating  views Oyster Pavement not just as a  subcontractor but a partner and a part of our team. I highly recommend  working with Oyster Pavement Maintenance on your next project.”

Matt Bachtel
Bachtel Excavating

“As a Township Trustee, we are spending taxpayers money and that’s a  huge responsibility. When deciding on which contractors to hire, we  only hire the best and the affordable companies. Oyster Pavement fit’s  that criteria. We have been using Oysters for approximately 4 years  now and the customer service, quality and affordability is second to  none. We have been 100% confident that the job is done right on every  job they’ve done for us.”

Dan Meadows, Trustee
North Bloomfield Township, Morrow County