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Paved Parking Lot

Paved Paring Lot - Marion Ohio

The Marion Palace Theater in Marion, Ohio had a gravel lot for overflow parking.  Oyster Pavement was awarded the bid to pave and stripe the parking lot; enhancing the appearance, improving safety and making the lot easier to maintain.

Partial Parking Lot Repair, Seal and Stripe

Asphalt Repair - Marion Ohio

This parking lot was in poor shape, but didn’t need to be repaved yet. Oyster Pavement was able to extend the life of the lot by first adding a catch basin to address drainage issues.  We then repaired damaged asphalt areas, crack sealed, seal coated and striped the parking lot at this First Merit Bank … Read more

Utility Cut Repairs

Utility Cut Repairs - Marion Ohio

Oyster Pavement works for a variety of utility companies, contractors and municipalities completing asphalt utility cut repairs in the North Central Ohio area.  

Golf Course Added Asphalt Cart Paths

Asphalt Path Paving

Portions of the existing gravel cart paths were washing out during heavy rains at Oak Tree Golf Course in Mansfield, Ohio.  The customer decided it was time to install asphalt to prevent this issue and ongoing maintenance. Oyster Pavement prepared and paved the pathways with minimal disruption to the golfers and the golf course.

Parking Lot Mill/Repave & Stripe

An industrial business in Mansfield, Ohio requested that a major portion of their parking lot be repaired. Oyster Pavement milled the area of pavement, repaved and striped the parking lot.

Highway Asphalt Repairs

Oyster Pavement completed asphalt repairs on State Route 309 for the City of Ontario, Ohio. Work was completed while maintaining traffic.

Shopping Center Asphalt Repairs

This commercial shopping center in Ontario, Ohio routinely performed annual maintenance to their parking lot, extending the life of their pavement. The customer requested that a large area of their parking lot be repaired. Oyster Pavement milled the area of pavement, repaved and striped the parking lot.  

Fast Food Entrance/Exit Asphalt Repair

Oyster Pavement excavated the failing base material and replaced it with compact limestone at this Wendy’s location in Mansfield, Ohio. We then installed multiple layers of asphalt to complete the project. Work was completed in the entrance/exit to a Fast Food restaurant and we were able to keep the restaurant open for business while all … Read more